Privacy Statement / Declaration of Consent

1. The e-Service

The EU Institutions (EUI), including the European Commission, and external contractors on their behalf (see § 7 below), have set up the present electronic registration form in order to facilitate the registration of participants to conferences and events.

2. What kind of personal information do we collect, for what purpose, and through which technical means?

Identification data

The registration form collects basic information on each participant including their name, organisation and contact details. From the data collected, a badge will be produced, which will enable registered participants to access the conference venue.

Data collected by the service are the following:

  • Personal data: Family name (mandatory), First name (mandatory)
  • Date of birth: (mandatory)
  • ID (or Passport) number: (mandatory)
  • Title: (mandatory)
  • Company / Organisation: (mandatory)
  • Professional details: Function (mandatory), Company status (mandatory)
  • Contact details: Email address (mandatory), Telephone number (not mandatory), Mobile (not mandatory)
  • Company address: Street (not mandatory), Number (not mandatory), Postal code (not mandatory), City (not mandatory), Country (mandatory),
  • Nationality (mandatory)

Additional information provided to you as part of the service

By registering, participants are agreeing to receive information specific to the event they will attend. For example, the service will use your email address to send a confirmation letter stating your personal data. Participants may also receive information on programme changes and/or security procedures.

After the event, the personal data may also be used to express gratitude to each participant for participating in the event. The EU Institutions, and external contractors on their behalf, may use your personal data to invite you to future EUI conferences.

Technical information

Participants will register on the web site . For some events, a login and password is provided in the previously sent Event invitation and is needed for registration.

Participants may choose to register:

  • by creating an account that will allow users to access and update their data (e.g. the sessions they choose to attend or their personal details) and to register again for future events without re-entering their full details; or
  • by registering—as a “visitor”—for each event.

Fields in the registration page are protected against intrusive codes or any attempts to access/modify/delete the database.

A secured administrative page gives restricted access to the data collected under the control of an appointed administrator.

3. Who has access to the information provided and to whom is it disclosed?

Personal data will be accessible to the EU Institutions (a.o. the European Commission) and to contractual staff working in the organisation of this event on behalf of the  EU Institutions. No third party will receive the information submitted.

A list of attendees will be distributed among participants, including their name and organisation. Supplementary contact details are subject to the participants’ approval (in the registration form). Participants can refuse to share their contact details (beyond name and organization).

Participants can raise questions or comments by sending an email to

4. How can you verify, modify or delete your information?

After registration, users that have created a personal account can access and modify their data at any time.

Those who have registered as visitors will not have direct access to their stored data; corrections must be requested by e-mail to If registrants find a mistake in their registration form, it is possible to register again without giving prior notice to the organiser. The previous data will be deleted from the database.

To delete all or part of their data registrants must send a request to

5. How long do we keep your data?

The database containing your personal data will be retained for a maximum of two years or as long as related events are being organised by the EU Institutions. You can request the immediate removal of your personal data from our list at any time, as explained above.

The EU Institutions, or a contractor chosen to do this on their behalf, will keep your personal data in a safe - virus-protected - electronic storage for future use.

6. Authorisation to use pictures and be filmed

Please note that photos and videos are taken during the event, lunches, tea/coffee breaks, cocktails, etc and may be recorded. Some events are also live-streamed. You will find hereafter the standard declaration that you agree with by registering to these events: By registering for this Event I hereby declare that I willingly agree to be photographed by a professional photographer and/or filmed by a professional cameraman working on behalf of the EU Institutions

I authorise the EU Institutions:

  • to use without restriction the (group) photographs and/or films bearing my image as described above in all types of publications, in any form of televisual broadcasting or communication via the Internet;
  • to include and archive these photographs and/or films in the EU Institutions’ online databases, accessible to the public free of charge online. Third parties having access to these databases may use the said photographs and/or films in compliance with the EC's Decision on re-use of Commission's documents (2011/833/EU);
  • in order to illustrate or promote the activities or projects, past, present or future, of the European Institutions and the European Union.

I hereby give my consent to the processing of my personal data to the extent necessary for the achievement of the purposes mentioned above. The EU Institutions guarantees that personal data relating to me are processed according to the rules set by the Regulation (EU) 2018/1725.

I understand that I have the right, as data subject, to access data relating to me, to be informed about the existence and the extent of data processing, to rectify incorrect personal data as the case may be and to oppose further processing on serious and legitimate grounds. To exercise these rights, please contact the European Commission at the following address: EC Central IP Service -

This authorisation shall apply worldwide and for as long as my image is subject to legal protection. It can be withdrawn by informing the European Commission at the address mentioned above.

7. GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation (of the European Union)

Pracsis sprl, as a contractor of the EU institutions, is compliant with Regulation (EU) No 2018/1725 and, as a private company, is compliant with  Regulation (EU) N° 2016/679 (GDPR).

8. Contact Information

Please write to for any questions or comments about the service with respect to the use of personal information.

Please consider the following website for more information on data protection: ‘European Data Protection Supervisor, the EU's independent data protection authority’: